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Exhibition kiosk design and construction on behalf of Berling SA, the well known company on paint materials. This kiosk was placed at the exhibition site inside Grand Palace Hotel in Salonica, during a work shop for new and innovative painting technics. A timbergramed wall of 9x3 along with digital printed PVC was the main part of the construction. The kiosk was built on 60 square meters laminate floor. Different kind of wooden and painted constructions using the easel and lectern patterns were used as reception and consentration areas for proffesionals to follow the new innovative Berling's technics. Wooden cubes were tactical and abstractedly placed around the kiosk used as shop window for the new products. The whole construction was completed with digital printing of company's logos and visuals at specific and strategic points. The process from designing, to construction and placemend of the kiosk, was made by the experienced Become Design Studio team. "This team proved for another one time, the wide range of its capabilities to different kind of constructions no matter how demanding they are".